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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Culinary School - Q7 Grades

The grades are in for Fall 2011.  My 7th Quarter brings 2 more A's.  In Nutrition I finished with 112.23%  and in European I finished with a solid 96%.

Next Quarter is my last kitchen class.  It is also supposed to be my last quarter in this program but this program doesn't technically exist my campus so...  I am having issues with the school and the diploma program that I am working on with the Dean of the school.  I will walk in the graduation ceremony March with my friends and beginning in April I will do an externship and receive my diploma in June.  When school starts in July I will return to take the first of 3 classes I have left that are needed for me to get my Pastry degree and I will graduate again in March of 2013.

1 comment:

Carolyn Jung said...

Wooo! You're in the homestretch now. Congrats! That diploma is only inches away. ;)