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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Culinary School - Q6 Week 7 Latin

Menu: Jerk Chicken, Bean and Stew, Plantain Croquettes with Cilantro sauce, Polenta, Chutney, White Fish salad, Coco Quemada

Summary: This week we are working on bean preparation, Pureeing, sugar work.

Food: The Jerk Chicken was good. Chef said it was not as spicy as he thought it would be. The Rice was perfectly cooked.

Our Plate with the Croquettes, Polenta and Chutney was nice. Chef said it was awesome. The chutney was really tasty. The Polenta could have used a little more seasoning but it was cooked properly. The Croquettes were really good with both with the Cilantro sauce and without it.

The cold White Fish salad was good. It really had a kick to it. It would normally be served on pieces of toast but we didn’t have any bread in class.

I really liked the coco quemada. It was sweet and chewy. Chef said the sugar was properly caramelized and that it was good. I think I might even make this again soon.

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