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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Culinary School - Q6 Week 9 Latin

Menu: Camarones Sofrito, Black Bean Soup, Hearts of Palm Salad, Curried Lamb Stew, Stuffed Dates

Summary: This week we are working on Shrimp cookery, Bean Cookery, Stewing, and Emulsions.

Food: First up is our Camarones Sofrito. The tomato sauce had a little kick to it. Chef said that our Shrimp was perfectly cooked. The flavors were really good and we had a nice presentation. I wish I could have tasted the whole dish. I only got to taste the tomato sauce that was still in the pan.

Next was our Hearts of Palm Salad. We paired it with the Stuffed dates. The Salad has an unusual combination of flavors. The lettuce was still crisp. It was dressed properly. We need to be consistent with the size of the tomato slices. Chef said he could eat a lot of this salad. We topped ours with queso fresco and some of the filling from the stuffed dates.

I really enjoyed the black bean soup. It was thick and creamy. We also topped this with some queso fresco. Chef said that soup had good flavor.

Last but not least was the Curried Lamb Stew. This was really good. The meat was nicely browned and cooked perfectly. The Sauce was really good with just the rice. I think it would have been really good with some coconut milk added. Chef said it was a nice job.

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