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Thursday, September 27, 2007

iron chef masaharu morimoto...

i snuck out of work a few minutes early this afternoon so that i could get to santana row by 5:00pm. my friend mrs. L had told me that the iron chef was going to be at sur la table for a book signing. she was unable to make it due to a prior commitment so i went in her stead.

this first picture is from the cooking demo that chef morimoto did.

this picture is from the book signing portion of the night. i was number 3 in line. when i thanked him in japanese, he got a huge smile on his face and shook my hand again and said "thank you so much..." :) how cool is that?

TV chefs coming to town...

tonight iron chef masaharu morimoto will be at sur la table in santana row for a cooking demo and book signing.

december 15th rachael ray will be at sur la table for a Q&A session and book signing.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

not exactly duff goldman...

but everyone has to start somewhere. :)

the base of this cake is a family recipe for a chocolate cake. after piping on the dam between the layers i filled it with chocolate pudding and then topped that with heath toffee bits. then i put the top layer back on and iced it.

next i learned how to do the shell border and the sweet pea flowers & bow. finally i added the star border to the top and it looks like this.

this is a close up of the sweet peas on the top.

next week we will be learning roses!! yay!

Monday, September 17, 2007

i'm a wilton whore...

saturday was my first in the series of 4 classes in course 1.

i can't wait for next saturday!