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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Culinary School - Q5 Week 4 Garde Manger

Garde Manger

April 25-26, 2011

Objectives: Hors d’oeuvres and Canapés

Recipes: Crostini of Bacon Wrapped Asparagus and Brie, Rillettes en Roulade, Ham and Cornichon Canapés

Summary Day 1: This week we are practicing hors d’oeuvres again. There are three types of service for things like cocktail parties. Russian Service is when a waiter carries a tray around to people that are seated and he places the food on the guest’s plate. French service is where the food is finished being prepared in front of the guest, it is usually wheeled out on a cart like a Gueridon. An American buffet is usually the type that has one long table with the food all placed at differing heights.

Russian Service

Gueridon Cart

American Style

Food: I really liked the Crostini of Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Brie. But anything with bacon is good, right? I wasn’t crazy about the Rillettes en Roulade. It reminded me of deviled ham from a can. I would have liked the Ham and Cornichon Canapés better if they had dill pickles on them instead. I am not a fan of the Cornichon.
Day 1 Canapes
Day 2

Recipes: Curried Chicken Bouchées, Smoked Salmon Mousse Barquettes, Egg Salad Tea Sandwich, Cucumber Tea Sandwich, Beet and Tuna, Sweet Potato Shooter, Gougeres with Duck Confit

Summary Day 2: Today we are a bunch of people short in class so Chef divides us up into two groups. We all set to working on the food for today’s presentation. I am glad that I am in a different group than Diego, but being stuck with the David is almost as bad. He drives me crazy because he thinks he knows everything but he doesn’t know half of what he thinks he knows. I hope I don’t get stuck with him for the rest of the quarter because I might stab him (just kidding!). Anyway… onto the food.

Food: I liked the Curried Chicken Bouchees. The little puff pastry cups were cute. I didn’t care for the texture of the mousse. The Egg Salad sandwiches were good. But, I like egg salad. I liked David Prince’s take on the Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, but I ought to, since it was my recipe. The Beet and Tuna were interesting. You know I don’t like beets.  I think the Sweet Potato Shooter would make an interesting ice cream. I would have liked the Duck Confit of it had been in the correct pate choux dough.
Tray 1

Tray 2

Sweet Potato Shooters

Next week: Sausage!

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