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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Culinary School - Q5 Week 4 Vocabulary

Vocabulary week 4

amuse-bouche*: a tiny bite, amuse bouche literally means amuse
the mouth
apèritif*:  a drink before a meal to stimulate the
blind bake:  the process of baking a pastry shell empty
and then filling it after
bruschetta*:  toasted bread rubbed with garlic and
served with toppings
buffet (hors d’oeuvre) service:  a table or several small
tables with appetizers, stationary not passed
butler service: this is when servers carry the trays around
the room to people
canapé*: a small piece of bread or pastry that has a topping
on it
cocktail: an alcoholic drink, or a seafood appetizer that is
served in a glass with a sauce on it
cold hors d’oeuvre:  hors d’oeuvres that are served chilled
or at room temp
crudités*: a tray of raw or lightly cooked vegetables that
are served with dips
décor: a small item of food placed on tray for visual interest
heated hors d’oeuvre:  opposite of cold hors d’oeuvres, cooked
ahead of time then re-heated
hors d’oeuvre cutters: specialized cutters used to make shapes
for hors d’oeuvres
hors d’oeuvre kebab: a few small pieces on a skewer
hors d’oeuvre*:  small foods attractively  prepared meant
to eat with fingers
hot hors d’oeuvre: prepared by the hot kitchen and served hot
passed hors d’oeuvre:  same as butler service… carried around
on trays
pastry hors d’oeuvre: hot hors d’oeuvres on a pastry
picked hors d’oeuvre: on skewers on the tray so they can be
picked up
rolled hors d’oeuvre:  foods that are small sized and rolled up
together. Like a slice of ham with cream cheese and a pickle
roulade*:  food that is rolled up
sip:  short for soup sip, or soup shots
skewered hors d’oeuvre:  same as hors d’oeuvres kebab
spoon hors d’oeuvre:  tiny portions that are served in spoons
stationary hors d’oeuvre: same as buffet service.  One long
table or small rounds placed around a room
stuffed hors d’oeuvre:  small piece of food that has something
stuffed inside it
wrapped hors d’oeuvre:  a small pieces of food that are wrapped
inside of pastry or bacon or some other food

1 comment:

Carolyn Jung said...

Ah, "amuse bouche'' -- one of my favorite things. It's always a surprise and it always sets the mood for what is to follow. ;)