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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Culinary School - Q5 Week 3 Vocabulary

Vocabulary week 3

leavened bread: breads that are raised with yeast

crumb: the inside of the bread

crust: the outside of the bread

unleavened bread: bread that is made without using yeast to raise

flatbread: same as unleavened bread or bread made to give it the flat appearance

yeasted flatbread: breads that are made with yeast but formed to give them the look of unleavened bread

sandwich spread: liquid or sauce like spread applied to the bread in a sandwich to keep it moist, like mayonnaise or mustard

compound/composed butter: butter that is softened and then mixed with herbs or lemon juice and then rechilled.

external garnish: like the chips or pickles on the plate

internal garnish: stuff inside the sandwich like lettuce and tomatoes

simple sandwich: two pieces of bread with the fillings, internal garnish and spread

single-decker sandwich: same as a simple sandwich

double-decker sandwich: a sandwich that has more than two slices of bread like a club sandwich

multi-decker sandwich: like a club sandwich. Has more than two pieces of bread or decks

club sandwich: three pieces of toasted bread, lettuce, tomato, turkey or chicken, bacon and mayo

open-face sandwich: a sandwich made with only one piece of bread with the toppings showing

simple long roll sandwich: a long roll that is split then filled, like a Togo’s sandwich

hollowed long roll sandwich: a hollowed out roll cut down one side and has excess crumb removed… similar to how Subway prepares their sandwiches

Italian sandwich: salami, capicolla, mortadella, on a long sandwich roll

hero: an Italian roll sandwich from NY

hoagie: same as a hero but origins in philly

submarine: the Connecticut version of a hero

grinder: a toasted roll sandwich

po’ boy: the new Orleans version of a hero

oven grinder: an Italian sandwich that has been heated

pocket sandwich: a sandwich made using something like a pita that forms a pocket

wrap sandwich: a sandwich that uses a tortilla or other thin flat starch to wrap the fillings in

tartine: the French version of an open face sandwich

pressed sandwich: a sandwich that has been cooked in a plancha or panino press

sandwich press: a plancha or other press for cooking sandwiches, heated on both sides to both toast the outside of the sandwich and warm the inside

plancha*: a sandwich press

panino (pl. panini):another name for pressed sandwich

Cubano*: another name for a Cuban sandwich

Cuban sandwich: a pressed sandwich with pork loin, ham, pickles, cheese and mustard

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