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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Culinary School - Week 6 Vocabulary

Vocabulary Week 6

attelet*: a decorative skewer
ballottine*: similar to a galantine only not covered in aspic.
caul fat/lace fat: a fatty membrane from pig or sheep stomach used to wrap terrines
en terrine presentation*: presented in the terrine.
forcemeat: a mixture of types of meat and fat, seasonings, and binders
galantine*: chicken skin filled with chicken mousse, rolled and poached then coated in aspic
gratin forcemeat: forcemeat that has part of it pre-cooked to give it a roasted flavor
gratin garnish: garnish inside a gratin forcemeat that has been pre-cooked
grosse pièce*: a large piece of a roast or other meat that is used on the tray
inlay garnish: something you put inside the terrine or galantine
internal garnish: things used inside of a sandwich, like lettuce and tomatoes
liner: used to hold forcemeat
mousseline pâté*: a smooth mixture of raw forcemeat that is cooked and then chilled before serving
panade/panada*: s soft or smooth filler used to bind forcemeat
pâte à pâté*: dough used to wrap pate in before cooking
pâté en croûte*: pate that is wrapped in dough and cooked before serving
pâté roulade*:similar to a galantine only its not wrapped in poultry skin
pâté*: forcemeat served cold
primary fowl: skin from a large bird like a roasting chicken used to wrap forcemeat
primary meat: meat that accounts for more than half a pate forcemeats weight
quatre épices*: four spices, white pepper, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg
random garnish: garnish that is mixed into forcemeat that is not inside in a specific order
sealer: usually fat or aspic
secondary meat: an additional meat added to a forcemeat
secondary poultry: additional poultry meat used to make a forcemeat
terrine*: a forcemeat that is baked in a mold without a crust
wrapper: like caul fat, used to contain the forcemeat

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