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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Culinary School - Q5 Week 7 Garde Manger

Garde Manger

May 16-17, 2011

Objectives: Terrines, Aspic, Chaud-Froid, and Cheese

Recipes: Confetti Vegetable Terrine, Terrine de Campagne, Classic White Chaud-Froid, Broccoli Mousse, Mozzarella, Insalata Capresse, Restaurant Style Presentation

Summary: Everyone in class seemed off this week. We all seemed tired and cranky. But we did produce some nice platters of food. We worked with Aspic for the first time. That stuff is disgusting. The Chaud-Froid was much better than the Aspic. I don’t understand why people will pay so much money for food that is so gross! I can’t believe how fast this quarter is going!

Food: I got to unmold my Vegetable Terrine from last week finally. I was so pleased with how it turned out! Apparently other classes have had problems with this recipe. Both Shari and I were able to get it to work. On Monday night I made the Broccoli Mousse. It turned out really well too. Diego was responsible for making the Confetti Vegetable Terrine. Unfortunately, he left it in the freezer overnight so it was frozen. We made Mozzarella from curds and it turned out AWESOME! I was really happy about that. Our insalata capresse was delicious.

Pate Humor

Ham Mousse on Crostini

Capresse Crostini

Snapper Mousse with
Black Pepper and
Parmesan Crackers

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