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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Culinary School - Week 7 Vocabulary


acidification: when the acid from the culture begins to coagulate and curdle
aging (of cheese): the term for when the cheese is stored to gain flavor
annatto: a yellow colored powder from plants
artisan butter: butter with lower water content and higher milk fat
bloom: what you do to gelatin before you use it.
cheese vault: a special room that has the right conditions for aging cheese
cheese: made from combining all the curds together.
chèvre*: goats milk cheese
clabber: a mass of soft curds like a custard
coagulation: when the ingredients come together
compound/composed butter: a whipped butter with fresh herbs and other seasonings
culture: bacteria added to food
culturing: the process of added bacteria to food
curdle: to separate the curds and whey
curdling: part of the coagulation process
curds: the solids left from separating the milk fat and solids
curing (of cheese): the process of aging cheese
fermentation: the changes that occur in food after adding bacteria
fermented dairy product: milk or cream that has been changed by adding bacteria
fresh cheese: fromage frais
fromage*: curds shaped in a mold to make cheese
interior ripening: culture that is injected into the cheese after it is formed
lactose intolerant: not able to digest milk sugars
mature cheese: cheese that has reached the mature stage after aging for a time
pasta filata: cheese made from heating the curds and stretching them like taffy
rennet: a curdling agent made from the lining of cloven hooved animals
rennin: an enzyme found in rennet
ripening (of cheese): changes that occur in cheese as it ages
salted butter: butter that is processed with salt
surface ripening: spraying a culture on the outside of cheese that will make an edible rind
unsalted/sweet butter: butter that is made from just cream with no salt added
whey: what is left after you take the milk solids and milk fats out
whipped butter: butter that has been softened and then whipped with a mixer
young cheese: cheese that has just started changing

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PillowNaut said...

This made me hungry. I should remember to eat before I do my sweep of my foodie blog reads, LOL...