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Monday, May 3, 2010

Culinary School - Week 4

This week was an easy week at school.  In Management by Menu we had to submit our breakfast menu.  It didn't need to be in format or menu ready and I had already written up my breakfast and lunch menus so all I needed to do was enter it into word and load it onto the doc sharing portal.  That has been done.  On Saturday while I was out running around after my massage I stopped in at Scrapbook Island to get some ideas for my final menu. We need to present the teacher with exactly what a customer would get upon being seated in our restaurants.  I found a 12" x 6" chipboard album with an acrylic cover that might work perfectly.  Yay!

In our Purchasing and Product Identification class we made a field trip to Costco .  We looked at different produces and meats comparing grades.  It was a short trip and best of all, No Homework!!! Like I said last week, (i think) I need to start working on my product specs and purchasing manual.  Those are going to be due before I know it!

We are at week 5 and according to the sylabus, it's midterm week.  EEK!

Until next week,

1 comment:

Mrs. L said...

Okay, I so love that you stopped by Scrapbook Island on National Scrapbook Day to do something that had to do with cooking! All you needed was a hockey player sighting and it would have been the trifecta LOL.