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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Culinary School - Week 6

It's mid-term week.

The mid term in Management by Menu was easy.  Mainly because Chef let us look at it last week and some of us (read: me) wrote down the questions.  I was able to research the questions that I was unsure of the answer to.  Plus, he let us use our notes.  As soon as we were finished with the whopping 10 questions we were free to go!  I finshed transferring my answers to the official test and was out of class by 7:30.

Next week in Management by Menu we are taking a field trip to a restaurant for dinner to critique their menu and food.

The mid term in Purchasing and Product ID was a two parter.  For the first part we had to identify 14 various herbs and vegetables.  The second part was a take home.  We had to write product specs for 4 of the items from the first part.  I rushed home and wrote my specs and loaded them up on the portal.  This was a really good excercise for me because I had been putting off starting my product spec project.  Now I was 1/10th of the way finished!

Our Product Specifications are due next week.  In order to help me finish I am getting a netbook this weekend so I can work on my specs anywhere I am that I can get wifi access.

Until next week,

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