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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Culinary School - Week 7

In Management by Menu this week we are meeting at Pezzella's Villa Napoli for dinner.  We are going to be discussing how well the menu descriptions match the food we order, and the layout of the menu.  As a group we ordered some appetizers.  Calamari, Capresse Salad and these little bits of heaven called Garlic knots. This are little pieces of pizza dough that are tied into knots and then fried.  They are served on a platter with a traditional bruschetta topping.  YUM!  I ate calamari for the first time.  I was surprised to discover that I liked it.  I have always been a little afraid of the thought of it.  Yay me for trying something new!

In Purchasing and Product ID we turned in our spec projects and then went to the kitchen to finish up our costing project with the meat we bought at Costco a few weeks ago.  We weighed all the different meats and worked out the cost before cooking, then weighed them again after cooking as well as weighing the run off to calculate how much waste there was to arrive at a final cost per burger.  We did the same calculations with potatoes as we made french fries too.  Then, we ate!


Carolyn Jung said...

How enlightening. People who fantasize about opening a restaurant think it's just like having a dinner party at home. They are so wrong. As you just showed, there is soooo much more to think about and factor in besides what you want to cook.

Irene said...

Pizza knots are delish! We actually had some today, and I had never had them before.