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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Culinary School - Week 3

In Management by Menu class this week our assignment was to write an 800 word paper on "Why Restaurants Fail".  Egad, that's a lot of words!  I struggled to reach the set limit and finally gave up when I reached 782 (including my name and the titles).  I got an A on it! :)  And I don't feel bad about not reaching the 800 word count because the guy that was sitting next to me tonight in class only wrote 293 words.

Our homework for this week is to write up the breakfast menu for our concept restaurant.  I have already written it out, I just need to copy it into word and transfer it up to our doc sharing portal. :)

We didn't have any home work in our Purchasing and Product ID class but I do need to start working on my product specs.  I have to do specifications on about 40 items.  This needs to contain the following things:
Name of Product
Intended use
Brand or Manufacturer
USDA Quality
Quantity or weight
Country of origin
Acceptable Waste or Trim
Package size
Type of Packaging
Processing, preservation and packaging methods
Degree of ripeness
Shelf life
Preparation methods and procedures
Chemical standards
Cost parameters

Until next week,

1 comment:

Carolyn Jung said...

How fascinating! So many people fantasize about opening a restaurant, but they have little no-how of all the logistics that actually go into it. Your post today shows just how much detailed work goes into it. It's not just about cooking; it's soooo much more involved than that.