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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Culinary School - Week 2

This week in Management by Menu class, the teacher showed us this video (not for the faint of heart!). He said in a way, it involved food.  Our assignment for this week is to write a paper on our restaurant concept, including hours of service, and target demographics.

In Purchasing and Product ID the next day we got to watch this video on the swedish super cows. These are some serious cows, people...

After our break we had a product ID test.  The teacher had brought in 25 produce items and we had to try and name them.  We all got the last one wrong.  It was a Hubbard Squash, which none of us had ever seen.  There were vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  I missed one herb, oregano.  I thought it was marjoram. And I confused the sweet potato and the yam.  Although, looking at these now, I see that I didn't get them wrong, the teacher did!  Hahahahahha!  Anyway, I was the one that got the most correct.  Because I guess the rest of the class can't tell the difference between Italian flat leaf parsley and Cilantro and I can!   Our homework for this week is to write an 800 word paper on "why restaurants fail".  UGH!

Until next week,

1 comment:

Carolyn Jung said...

Congrats on doing so well on identifying all those ingredients! I must say, though, if I came face to face with one of those Swedish super cows, I'd probably faint right then and there. ;)