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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Culinary School - Q5 Week 9 Vocabulary

I was out sick this week so I don't have a journal entry but since we only had one day (because of the memorial day holiday) I didn't miss anything.



action buffet: a buffet that has action stations

action station: a meat carving or pasta station

attended buffet/served buffet: a buffet where servers are stationed on one side and serve the guest

backwards planning: focusing on the date of the event and then planning backwards

breakdown: to take apart the buffet

buffet line: a series of tables that the food is set up on

buffet maintenance server: the person that keeps things neat on the line

buffet station: a section of the buffet where like items are grouped together

buffet theme: the basic idea behind the buffet

buffet: many different types of food together that allows the guest to choose

combination buffet: a buffet that has mixed buffet styles like a standard buffet and an action station

cushion: the extra food that you make to be sure you don’t run out

double buffet line: a buffet that goes down both sides

established buffet: a buffet that is permanent

flow: the way a buffet is laid out to best present the food in a logical order

food bar: a new style of permanent buffet

food identification placards: little signs that say what each item is

food runner: the person that brings the food out from the kitchen

fork food: food that is bite sized or tender enough to be cut with a fork

iced presentation tray/ice-filled chafing dish: trays for food that must be kept cold

prep list: a step by step task list

pre-plating: putting delicate foods onto plates to make it easier to take

prix fixe*: a pay one price for all you can eat

pull list: the equipment list for the food at a buffet

roundsperson: the person that can work at any of the buffet stations

satellite station: a smaller station used in addition to a full buffet line

seated buffet: table and chair seating with a place for every guest

self-service buffet: a buffet where guests serve themselves

showtime: from when the first guest arrives to the last guest leaves

standing buffet: a buffet that does not include seating for every guest

structural prop: boxes or bowls used to support food trays

visual prop: decorative items used on a buffet

warming tray/heat lamp/chafing dish: a heated chaffing dish to keep food warm

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