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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Culinary School - Q2 week 7

Tuesday Class - Concepts and Theories of Culinary Techniques
Tonight we have a substitute teacher.  Chef Lewis is out sick so Chef Rachael will cover for him.  She drives us hard on our poultry knowledge.  Half the class cut when they found out Chef Lew was out.  Too bad for them, they missed a good class.

Week 7 Vocabulary
Concepts & Theories of Culinary Techniques Vocabulary Assignment Week 7

A la Minute – cooked to order as in, when the customer orders it.
Aging – the time that meat is allowed to sit so rigor mortis can go away.
Beurre Manie – a mixture of flour and softened butter whisked into sauce at the last minute to thicken and add shine.
Beurre Noisette – the French term for browned butter.
Broiler/Fryer Hen – a tender young chicken, about 7 weeks old.
Brown Butter – Same at Beurre Noisette
Capon – castrated male rooster. Good for roasting. Hard to find.
Clarified Butter – butter that has been melted and then had the milk fats and water removed.
Compound Butter – soften butter that has flavorings or spices added to it.
Free-range – chickens or veal that is allowed to move about freely.
Grading – a quality program set up by the USDA.
Hen – a chicken bred for laying eggs.
Inspection – the process that food undergoes to determine quality and grade.
Roaster – a young chicken for roasting.
Trussing – to tie up the meat with butchers twine.
Yield Grade – a program that measures the amount of usable meat on a carcass.


This week we are finally cooking a whole meal!

Recipes for tonight are: Roasted Chicken with pan gravy, Wild Rice Pilaf, Vichy Carrots and Steamed Green Beans.
One of my teammates is absent tonight so there are just two of us.  Augustine handles the chicken (since we know i can't do it without getting sick) and I take on the veggies and the rice.  I am not a fan of wild rice, but we have to do it.  Everything turns out great and Chef applaudes us for our ingenuity on plating.  We used some 12"X12" tiles that we found on the shelves and some little cream pitchers for the gravy.
Roasted Chicken Dark Meat
Roasted Chicken White Meat


Recpies for tonight are: Roast Beef Jus Lie, Potaotes Anna, Broccoli with Candied Pecans, Stuffed Tomatoes Duxelles and Cheddar Leek Soup.

Again tonight there are only two of us on my team. Chef has taken another team that is down to two people and paired them with us.  This is our first time working with someone outside of our team.  I am glad to finally be working with someone else from the class.  Jesse will take on the soup.  Eva will do the tomatoes duxelles, and Augustine will do the meat again.  I am doing the potatoes anna and the broccoli.  Everything goes great working with Jesse and Eva.  They both tell me at the end of class that they learned a lot from me. :)
Roast Beef, Potatoes Anna, Tomatoes Duxelles, Broccoli with Candied Pecans and Cheddar Leek soup.

  Chef has warned us that we will not be with our teams anymore.  He will randomly assign us to new groups.  There is one person I do not want to be in a group with.  The guy is a huge "know it all" and quite an ass.  So, naturally with my luck, I will get paired with him.
Until next week,


PillowNaut said...

Hey, I'm learning all kinds of new vocabulary words! ;) Hope you don't get stuck with the "Class Ass." Don't you wonder why people like that take classes at all? There's always one person who wants to show off what they already KNOW instead of absorbing what they are supposed to LEARN...

barbie2be said...

fortunately i only had to cook with the class ass once. i found out last night that this is his third time taking the fundamentals class. can you believe that?

PillowNaut said...

Um, yes. I can. LOL =)

Carolyn Jung said...

Even if you end up being paired with that dork, you will survive it. Plus, it'll give you even more experience for when you have to work with future jerks in kitchens to come. ;)