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Monday, June 7, 2010

Culinary School - Week 9

This week in Management by Menu we reviewed slides and then broke up into groups to write a dinner menu.  I already had my dinner menu ready so I shared it with my group.  Everyone in the group said they would totally eat at my place, so that was kind of cool.  I am almost finished with my menu project. I just need to finish formatting it and then print it and put it together.  It's due next Wednesday night.

More slides in Purchasing and Product ID.  Then a round of Foodie Fight (it's like trivial pursuit for foodies). After that we got to check out some previous students projects and work on ours.  I am also almost finished with my project for this class.  I just need to finish the section on storage and the bibliography.  yay!

Until next week,


PillowNaut said...

Catching up, and read all your school posts -- sounds like you are having a blast! Really glad you are enjoying it and learning so much :)

Isn't calamari wonderful!!

Carolyn Jung said...

Can't wait to hear what was on that dinner menu, since the whole class was so impressed. I bet it's totally mouth-watering.

Angela said...

I'd love to see the menu as well!

Irene said...

You're very creative, so I know that menu had to be great. I'd eat at your place, too!