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Friday, June 18, 2010

Culinary School - Management by Menu final


Name and describe 5 MAJOR types of menus
1) A’la carte - All items are priced individually
2) Prix Fixe – One price for appetizer, entrée and dessert
3) Du Jour – This is a menu of daily specials
4) Cycle – This is a menu in which the entire menu repeats in a scheduled order such as on a cruise ship
5) California Style = This is a menu that features breakfast, lunch and Dinner all on one menu, such as Denny’s

Name and describe 5 of the Types of Menus for Various Occasions
1) Breakfast Menu – Consist of Basic Breakfast Items
2) Brunch Menu – Consists of Breakfast and Light Lunch Items
3) Luncheon Menu – Consists of a wider variety of items, usually includes appetizers
4) Dinner Menu – Consists of larger portions, appetizers, salads and desserts
5) Tea Menu – Consists of Lighter fare, Small Sandwiches and Desserts

Name 5 examples of who should/can be involved in the menu planning process
1) Chef
2) Owner
3) Servers
4) Customer Suggestions
5) General Manager

List 5 examples of Market Survey Questions.
1) What type of dining experience do you prefer?
2) How often do you have children with you for a meal out?
3) How much do you typically spend on a meal in a restaurant?
4) How far do you usually travel to a restaurant?
5) How often do you eat out?

Name 5 tools used as part of the menu planning process
1) Target Demographics
2) Ability of Staff to Deliver
3) Food Costs
4) Space Available
5) Equipment Available

Name 4 examples of menu diversity
1) Having non-meat options
2) Low fat options
3) Low Sodium options
4) Dairy free options

Fill in the correct answer
1) 1 oz=___2___ Tbl
2) 1 pint=___16__ oz
3) 1qt=___2___ pints
4) 1 cup=__8____ oz.
5) 1 gal=___128___ oz.
6) 1qt=__4____ cups
7) 1cup=___8___ oz
8) 32oz of water weighs _2.0864_#’s
9) 1oz=___6___tsp.
10) 1gal=___768___tsp.

1 comment:

PillowNaut said...

Wow, lots to think about!

LOL, in Texas, the words “California Style” translates into “includes day-old avocado.” ;)