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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Culinary School - Q3 Week 10

Introduction to Pastry Arts
Week: 10 Day: 1

Sponge Cake
Lemon Curd
Italian Butter Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Lemon Basil Granita
Mango Sorbet
Chocolate Tuilles
Coffee Rum Parfaits

Additional Information:
We are making granitas tonight. We need to remember to scrape them with a fork before they are all the way set.

Outcome & Critique:
Tonight was a smooth night in the kitchens. We had everything under control so Chef suggested that I make another sorbet. We chose mango because that is the puree we had in the supply room. We also made some chocolate Tuilles.

What could I have done different:
I think tonight went very smoothly. 

Week:10 Day:2

Today’s Objective:

Specialty Equipment:
Ice Cream Chiller

Mixing Methods:

Assembly Instructions:

Icing lemon sponge cake

Outcome & Critique:
I really liked the coffee rum parfait. The lemon curd was really good too. I am still not a fan of the sponge cake. The chocolate tuilles were very soft. Almost like they had not been baked long enough. I liked the chocolate ice cream. It was very smooth and creamy. The mango sorbet was also delicious however, I would rethink the presentation of it. The bright yellow color made it look like an egg yolk on the plate.

Chocolate Ice Cream and
Mango Sorbet in a
Chocolate Tuille Cup

Coffee Rum Parfait

Sponge Cake with lemon curd filling

1 comment:

Mrs. L said...

We do have a Salton ice cream maker you can work with if you feel tempted :)