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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Culinary School - Q3 Week 3

Homework Assignment
Name of Meringue Procedure Ingredients Usages

Swiss - Warm egg whites to 100°F with sugar then whip Egg whites and sugar
Uses - Buttercream, mousse, baked

French (Common) - Whip egg whites with sugar, fold in remaining sugar Egg whites and sugar
Uses - Soufflé, cake ingredient

Italian - Hot sugar syrup poured into whipped egg whites Egg whites, sugar, corn syrup Uses - Buttercream, mousse, baked

Week: 3 Day: 1

Frozen Orange Soufflé
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chocolate Mousse
Italian Meringue
Swiss Meringue
Common Meringue
Chocolate Genoise
Ganache truffles

Specialty Equipment:
Warming Box for drying meringues

Mixing methods:
Whipped egg whites

Additional Information:
When whipping egg whites you need to be sure that everything you use is clean and free from any fats. The presence of fat will affect the egg whites.

Assemble Chocolate Mousse Cake and refrigerate.

Outcome & Critique:
We accidentally made yellow Genoise instead of chocolate. The batter was over-whipped and was quite flat.

What could I have done different:
I was not the person working on the Genoise. I always read recipes through completely before starting.

Week: 3 Day: 2

Today’s Objective:
Form truffles
Laminate Croissant dough and bake
Make glazed Orange Peel

Specialty Equipment:
None today

Mixing Methods:
Rolling croissant dough

Assembly Instructions:
Roll truffle Ganache and coat with cocoa powder or powdered sugar.

Additional Information:
Be careful with letting the orange peel go too long in the simple syrup. It will be tough.

Outcome & Critique:
I loved the frozen orange soufflé. I thought it turned out really delicious. The Chocolate Mousse Cake was good but REALLY rich. The layer of Genoise on the bottom was paper thin.

The Truffles turned out quite sticky and I had a hard time shaping them because my hands seemed very hot. The Ganache kept melting in my hands. But, they were yummy.

We made some plain croissants, some filled with almond cream, some filled with chocolate and some filled with bacon. I thought they were a little too brown but Chef said they were fine. I really liked the way they tasted.

What could I have done differently:
I would have tried not to over fold the Genoise mixture before baking. It made the cake turn out paper thin, and kept an eye on the croissants so they didn’t over brown. I try to help my teammates but one of them resists my assistance and as a result over cooks things.

Classic Chocolate Mousse Cake
with Truffle garnish

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Frozen Orange Souffle

Until next week,



PillowNaut said...

This is funny... I am having to google definitions of words to read your blog these days, LOL (and I get flack for that on my blog). The dessert section must be so fun!!

Mrs. L said...

Croissants? You know how to mke your own croissants? I'm moving in!!!