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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogging By Mail - Indugle me

The awesome Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness has done it again. Blogging by mail has returned with the theme of "Indulge Me".

I received the most wonderful package from Claudia at The Missing Flavor. My package contained some really terrific things.

1. A real Norwegian cheese slicer (I've tried it and LOVE it!)
2. Dark Chocolate
3. Almond and dark chocolate
4. Marzipan and dark chocolate
5. Some adorable cupcake baking cups
6. A pair of suitably festive napkins for my table (i'll be using them tonight when my niece comes to dinner!)
7. Brazil nuts (one of my favorites!)
8. South American Mate (i adore mate!)


Esme said...

What a fun package-have you found tim tams in the US?

barbie2be said...

We can get them at the australian store, and sometimes at cost plus world markets. and sometimes i just ask morven to send me some! :)

Eeva-Maija said...

A cheese slicer is a wonder! It's an everyday thing here in Finland, but I've notices that not many other (outside the Nordic) countries have them. Your package looks wonderful all in all!

Claudia said...


I am glad to know you enjoyed it, I tried to make it light because a heavy packages are very delayed around here and was little bit unsure if it would please you...

I sent a package to another blogging by mail, this time to Spain, and despite the fact that I sent it on November 20, my friend there has not yet received!

Nice to meet you and your blog!


Morven said...

Didn't you do well. I hope to see a post featuring your festive cupcake cups. If you're like me though you'll save them because they are "too good".

barbie2be said...

Morv, you know me so well! ;)

Esme said...

Barbie-I contacted Peppridge Farms and you can get them at Pavillions and Vons. (in my area)

the tim tams-I did not find the crunchie ones and currently I am trying to tone up so I have not broken open the package.

barbie2be said...

Esme, the pepperidge farms tim tams are gross. there is nothing like the real deal! :)