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Friday, March 14, 2008

Blogging by mail – Little things mean a lot…

I signed up with the delightful Stephanie of Dispensing happiness for another round of Blogging by mail. My surprise package arrived yesterday all the way from Sweden. My swap-mate this go round was Alexandra from

I received so many cool and interesting things. Here’s a list of what I got:
Absolute Vanilla Vodka! (YUM!)
Anthon Berg - Marzipan Candy bar (delicious!)
Jenkki – Finnish Chewing gum (how did she know I am a gum-a-holic?)
Tutti Frutti – Fruit flavored pastilles (I love to nibble on these!)
Viol – Violet flavored pastilles
Zoo – Fruit flavored pastilles
Salta Katten – Salty black licorice pastilles
Cheese Topping – an interesting mix for topping cheese. This one is flavored with honey and truffles. I can’t wait to try it because it looks so yummy!
Wild Chips – 100% real meat jerky… made of Elk, Deer and Reindeer
Salad Tongs from Rosti Mepol. I love these! They are so Danish modern. And a lovely spring green in color!
Ostbollar – Cheese balls. I think these might be a little like American cheese puffs.
And last but not least a jar of a lovely Rhubarb and rosehip marmalade that made me run to Whole foods the minute I read what it was so that I could get some yummy sconehenge scones to put it on!


Morven said...

Wow - sounds like an interesting package. Have you tried the salted licorice yet? It's a very European thing and one my palate doesn't care for. The other stuff I'd love to try though!

Lexi said...

YAY the package arrived!
I'm happy you liked it! I really went all the way with small things ;)
All those small candy pastilles are such a childhood memory, the used to cost about $0,5 when I was young so every time I got any money I'd run to the shop on my recess and buy one ;) maybe I wrote that?
Oh and the gum is healthy too haha! Finland and their xylitol, they are really good when it comes to gum! Healthy and yummy...
ok I can't stop rambling ;)
Enjoy it!

LisaRene said...

The marzipan candy bar, rhubarb/rose-hip marmalade and the vanilla vodka would be what I would gobble up first. What fun! I too am participating in BBM, it's a great idea.

Angel said...

Awesome package. That is sooo cool that you got one from Sweden. I love pastilles. My favorite are the rose flavored ones.